Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Business Proposal - Sri Lankan Tours - 59348WZVDE

Note: contact us by replying to - vasan@dedayholidays.com


Dear Sir/Madam,


It's our pleasure to introduce DeDay Leisure & Holidays (Private) Limited. DeDay Holidays prides itself as one of the leading tour package providers to Sri Lanka – "Pearl in the Indian Ocean".


We provide well designed tour packages and customized packages as per our clients request to Sri Lanka in an affordable price. We provide high quality service to every single customer who hires us. Our best trained team allows us to give our customers the best service possible.


We are pleased to introduce our special promotions for the year 2016  with great discounted value deals.

Kindly refer to the enclosed links for more details. Offer is valid for groups as stated in our attached brochures below (Travel date must be between January 20th 2016 and April 30th 2016)

Tour Highlights & Links
Leisure Special - 04Nights 05Days  http://dedayholidays.net/4N5D_SO_LeisureSpecial.jpg
Leisure Special - 05Nights 06Days  http://dedayholidays.net/5N6D_SO_LeisureSpecial.jpg
Nature Special - 04Nights 05Days  http://dedayholidays.net/4N5D_SO_NatureSpecial.jpg
Nature Special - 05Nights 06Days  http://dedayholidays.net/5N6D_SO_NatureSpecial.jpg
Scenic Sri Lanka - 08Nights 09Days  http://dedayholidays.net/8N9D_SO_ScenicSriLanka.jpg
Explore Sri Lanka - 10Nights 11Days 

Please feel free to walk through our website to check our various tour packages.


Our contact channels:

Sri Lanka

     Mr. M. Thanigaivasan (Director - Business Development)

     Phone: +94 77 763 9622

     Email: vasan@dedayholidays.com



     Ms. Vanitha Manickam (Managing Director)

     Phone: +65 91 380 650 

     Email: vanitha@dedayholidays.com


We would like to join hands with your organization in regards to Sri Lanka tour packages. We do provide excellent discounts to travel/tour agents. Feel free to contact us to share your interest with us.


Looking forward for a favorable reply as per your earliest



Marketing Team

DeDay Leisure & Holidays Private Limited  | No. 91, 1/2, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 04. Sri Lanka
Phone: SL Mobile 
+94 77 7639622  SG: +65 91 380 650  | Skype : tvasan1 
Email : 
vasan@dedayholidays.com  | URL : www.dedayholidays.com

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 Email Code: 59348WZVDE


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