Friday, May 22, 2015

ABC of Earthworms

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what will be our most important book this year

Reviewed by famed environmentalists Dr. Peter Ellyard and Peter Cundall, this book is described as “amazing and inspiring ……. aimed at any person involved with soil fertility”. . . .   “takes us on a voyage of discovery and reads like an exciting novel ”.
Australia is recognised as the World leader in growing and using worms, and David Murphy is their Guru.   His revised book now tells even more clearly and simply how to boost soil fertility, using worms, the organic waste on your property and common sense â€" all to your lasting benefit.

This is the best book on worms ever written.   Now revised and updated, full of information it is the bible used by thousands.
An Australian farmer uses this book as his bible and doubled his carrying capacity in a few years and
eliminated all fertiliser purchases. 

Read about it, see his pastures. You can even contact him !

A commercial South African cropper reported a trebling of her millet crop in the first year of following this book !

Gardening at home, growing your own organic vegies, eating healthy !

Yours for A$42.00 (that’s Australian Dollars) including delivery, to anywhere in the world.

To Order CLICK here




                  AND, if you don’t like it, there’s a no nonsense money back guarantee !

Ed. Wakefield
Chief Executive Officer
Bright Sun Publishing

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